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Coaches and Managers

Dear wonderful coaches and managers,
The season is well and truly in full swing and there are only a trickle of new registrations in the youngest age groups and the oldest, otherwise we are basically full which is a great position to be in.

Up to date team lists were sent out last week - if you didn’t get them or there are changes that need to be made please let Mick, club registrar, know on

In addition to this there are a few bits of information which may be helpful to you in understanding your role as coach/ manager and the structures and support at the club. In general, if you have any questions or problems please check with Lucas, the club president in person or through
If issues arise on Saturdays at Connell Park then please make contact with the ground official who should be wearing a fluoro vest (more on this below).

Training days
1. Wet weather - where possible a decision will be made to cancel training the day before so it can be put on our facebook page and the BFC website.
2. Where it gets cancelled only on the day this will be done as early as possible (by 1pm) but is dependent on someone going and inspecting the grounds. A late cancellation will be posted on our facebook page and the BFC website. Due to our duty of care can you please still swing by the grounds to keep an eye on any of your kids until they are picked up.
3. If the ‘fields closed’ signs are up on the field and there are kids there please do not train or run on the big fields as they get chewed up really easily. In most situations we would be able to train off the main fields 1, 2 and 3, this will be mentioned in the posts on facebook and the website. It is really important to keep the kids out of of the goals when it is wet because of the area get chewed up and un playable for rhe games on Saturday.
4. If you train on a Tuesday you may have enjoyed a visit from Phil Lynch. Phil is an ex Bello High Teacher, footballer of excellence, coach etc. He has offered to come and spend Tuesday afternoons doing short bursts with different teams to focus on particular skill, give a different voice etc. He can’t commit to taking on a team but we are really happy that he has agreed to still play a coaching role in the club as he has so much to offer.

Saturday games
1. Wet weather - if concerned about cancellations the best place to look is the Northcoast Football website under the ‘wet weather’ tab. Things get updated regularly as clubs call in about their fields from about 7.00am onwards. We will also post cancellations on our facebook page and BFC website as soon as a decision is made to close Connell Park.
2. Always check the draw on the sportingpulse website on Friday before the game. Sometimes the draw does change due to field availability.
3. There is always a field official (committee member) present on Connell Park until the end of the last game. She/ he is responsible for handling any misbehavior of players or spectators, organize referees if not present, and organize emergency help if necessary. You can recognize them by their fancy fluoro bib.
4. We are always looking for more people who are happy to take on different roles in the club. We need to spread the load of field officials beyond just the Club committee. Could you please ask parents in your team if they are happy to take this on and forward their names to Lucas. We will have a short ‘training’ so that people know what their role is. If we can get 15 people then everyone only has to do one Saturday during the season!
5. Referees get assigned by NCF for all competitive games (12 and up). BFC will try to assign refs for the non-competitive games (8-11). Remember all referees are in training and volunteers. Treat them with respect. Referees have been instructed to have a 'zero-tolerance' policy towards comments from coaches or spectators. So any commenting on referees can result in getting send off the fields. If you have any complaints about a referee or his decisions, have a talk to him after the game and let the committee know. We can fill in a referee evaluation form and send to NCF if necessary.
6. Fields are setup on Saturday morning, however it is expected that the team that plays the last game of the day on each respective field will pack up the nets, goals, benches and flags. A couple of points to make it easier for the set-up crew. Please return all nets, flags, pegs, posts etc to the change room to the left of the equipment lock up. This keep it separate from the training equipment. Also please do not put the pegs in the bags with the nets as they often fall out onto the fields and become a hazard for players and the council mowers. The field official will be there to guide this process.
7. Starting last week our wonderful canteen people are giving a $5 voucher for each game (not sure about age groups) for the best/ most improved player. The aim is for it to be given to this person across both teams but that will be up to you to work out with the opposition coach. Many thanks to Dylan. The ground official will hand these out.
8. Socks are available for purchase from the canteen on Saturday mornings.

Many thanks for all of your time and energy helping to develop the skills and passion for ‘the beautiful game’ in Bellingen. It’s wonderful to see so many kids - young and old enjoying themselves so much.

Lucas Boogaard Bellingen FC President On behalf of Bellingen FC Committee

Bellingen Football Club is a football (soccer) club based on the Mid-North coast of NSW Australia.

Our age groups start from age five through to Over 35's.

If you would like to help out as a trainer/coach or by volunteering to assist with other club activity, please express your interest. The club is also interested in hearing from young people interested in becoming referees or coaches of youth teams.

See our facebook page for wet weather updates

Connell Park, Bellingen 2454
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Shirt: White with Black Trim
Shorts: Black
Socks: White